Azhar launches new campaign to defend noble Quran against distortions

Al-Azhar Al-Shariff Islamic Research Academy has launched an extensive awareness raising campaign dubbed “Surely We will guard it” in defense of the Holy Quran.

The campaign aims to defend the holy book against extremist attempts to desecrate it, in light of recent abuses against Islamic sanctities, pursuant to the directives of Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb.

In a press release on Saturday, Secretary General of the Islamic Research Academy Nazir Ayyad said the campaign has been launched in response to a racist campaign targeting Islamic sanctities that provoked the feelings of Muslims around the world after recent abuses against the Holy Quran by extremists.

He warned that such abuses may fuel racism and extremism against religions and spark hate speech among followers of different faiths.

Under the campaign program, preachers will shed light on practical lessons from the Quran, which calls for social reform, and promoting peace and tranquility among all people, using simple language that is easy to be understood by everyone.

On Wednesday, a man who identified himself in Swedish media as a refugee from Iraq burned a Quran outside the central mosque in Stockholm.

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