Ayman Nour reverses ‘constitution first’ stance

Liberal presidential hopeful Ayman Nour reversed on Tuesday his support for writing the constitution ahead of elections.

“I’ve announced before that I support the [constitution first], but now, due to state of confusion that the government is suffering, I support holding elections first,” Nour said after an iftar held in the Daqahlia Governorate city of Mansoura.

The debate about the best sequence for transitioning to a civilian government has been raging since before a constitutional referendum in March.

Nour explained his new stance by saying elections prepare the country for a strong constitution that can fulfill the need for equality and justice, and that everyone would be partners in implementing this constitution.

“We need a diversified parliament that has experiences in health, education, public budget and other fields. We want a political parliament that can bring a strong government, instead of the current one,” he said.

“I don’t think we will step backward again. The age of [election] rigging has gone. I clearly announce that the military rule, with all its pros and cons, is against the people’s will. We want the military to go back to its barracks.”

He also said no group could manage the country alone and that the various groups should seek national consensus.

Liberal and secular activists have called for writing the constitution ahead of elections, prompted by concern that the Muslim Brotherhood will dominate the elections and subsequently the committee that will be in charge of writing the constitution.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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