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Average of roughly 200 aid trucks a day are now getting into Gaza, senior US official says

From CNN’s Haley Britzky

A senior US defense official said Tuesday that there has been a “significant increase” in the amount of aid flowing into Gaza through various crossings, resulting in nearly 200 trucks coming in a day.

“[W]e are now seeing a rather significant increase in the flow of assistance through the many crossings that it does use — the Rafah crossing, the Kerem Shalom crossing, a new crossing 96 that Israel has opened,” the official said.

While aid was coming in at roughly 100 trucks a day in February, “it’s on its way back up to an average of close to 200 a day,” the official added.

“There’s definitely still more to be done. We are contributing with airdrops, we are contributing with the maritime corridor we are addressing we are also — and the Secretary did today — urging continued maximum flow through the crossing, the land crossing points I mentioned, and others,” the official said. “And so we see results but we also see the need for significantly more results.”

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