Autopsy report on dead Italian student cannot be made public: prosecution

Prosecutors have refused to disclose the content of the autopsy report on murdered Italian PhD candidate Giulio Regeni, whose dead body was found by the Cairo-Alexandria desert road on February 3.

South Giza prosecution received the autopsy report on Saturday but said that details would not be made public due to the secretive nature of investigations into the student's death.

Prosecutors earlier summoned Khaled Ahmed, the microbus driver who found Regeni's body. During the investigations, he said that he found the body while checking a punctured tire. He telephoned the vehicle's owner, who then contacted the police.

The death of Regeni has been the subject of much media speculation, with critics of the Egyptian government asserting that the murder was probably the work of Egyptian security forces. Government and pro-government figures, however, have rejected the idea, saying that he might have been killed by criminals or for non-political reasons.

After the Italian's body was flown home, Italian authorities conducted their own post-mortem examination, concluding that Regeni had been tortured before death, with his body showing signs of "animal-like" brutality.

Regeni, who was researching Egypt's labor movement, went missing in Cairo on January 25, the fifth anniversary of the 2011 uprising.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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