Authorities confiscate weapons stash in Minya

Security authorities confiscated Tuesday a cache of weapons and satellite phones at a remote farm near the western desert road in Minya.

The security department in Minya had received reports that former convicts were running an operation in which weapons, some of which had been smuggled through the borders with Libya and Sudan, were being traded.

Forces raided the suspects’ haven and confiscated one RPG, one Grenof gun, two grenades, eight RPG missiles, 1,208 miscellaneous bullets, and two satellite phones.

Police apprehended six of the suspects, most of whom had previously been convicted of weapon and drug-related felonies. One of the suspects managed to escape during the raid.

According to media reports, Minya is a large trafficking center from which weapons are distributed to other parts of the country.

Egypt has witnessed an explosion in illegal arms sales due to a security void in the aftermath of the January 25 revolution.

The Interior Ministry often announces instances of weapons smuggling, in which criminals bring arms through the western border with Libya and the southern border with Sudan.

Edited translation from MENA

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