Attorney general orders investigation into former interior ministers

Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud on Thursday ordered an investigation into interior ministers who served in office following 25 January 2011, on suspicion they hid incriminating evidence of deposed President Mubarak’s involvement in killing of demonstrators. The attorney general ordered investigations into Mahmoud Wagdy and Mansour Essawy, along with the head of national security, Hamed Abdullah.

State-run daily Al-Ahram said on its website that Mahmoud ordered the investigation after he received a complaint filed by a lawyer named Saleh Hassaballah, in which he accused Mubarak of inciting the chaos now rampant in the country.

In court, the lawyers of Mubarak, his former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and six of his aides, said evidence cited by the prosecution was weak.

In his complaint, Hassaballah also said Mubarak exploited his influence and the Interior Ministry to continue terrorizing, killing and arresting his enemies.

Mubarak is seeking the implementation of anarchist plot, aided by his men at the Interior Ministry, and the thugs who were used by the now dissolved National Democratic Party, the complaint said.

It became clear that the objective of instating those officials in their jobs was to conceal, distort, obliterate and destroy incriminating evidence against former regime figures, the complaint added.

The plot was exposed when the Interior Ministry failed to help prosecutors with investigations into the killing of demonstrators.

Hassaballah requested that the crimes of the three security officials be included in Mubarak’s case, as they have deliberately refrained from helping prosecutors.

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