Attorney general orders expedited investigations into Suez security camp blast

Suez prosecution resumed investigations of a blast that took place at the camp of security troops in the Faisal district of Suez.
Ahmed Abdel Haleem, attorney general of Suez prosecutions, ordered expedited investigations with the injured and eyewitnesses over the accident.
Several injured policemen and civilians gave information about features of the perpetrators. An injured policeman said he saw a Mitsubishi Lancer car stop on the street opposite to the camp. When he demanded the driver to leave, the latter said he was going to buy bread. However, the driver got out of the car and fled on a motorbike that stopped next to him. When the policeman entered the camp to inform the officer about what had happened, a blast went off. He was then injured and transferred to Suez Public Hospital. An eyewitness said the runaway person was wearing black pants, white T-shirt and had a small beard.
Seventeen persons, including seven policemen, were injured in the blast.
Abdel Moneim Salem, head of the hospital, said all the injured were allowed out of the hospital except two cases that will be transferred to other hospitals.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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