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At least 9 people arrested during anti-government protest in Jerusalem, Israeli police say

From CNN Staff

At least nine people were arrested during an anti-government protest in Jerusalem on Monday night, according to a statement from an Israeli police spokesperson.

Some were arrested on suspicion of attacking policemen and disruption, and four were arrested on suspicion of setting fire or trying to set fire, the statement said.

Some officers were slightly injured, it said.

“Following the fact that the protest turned into a disturbance and a violent riot, a police officer declared the protest illegal and ordered [protesters] to disperse from the place,” the statement said.

Two protesters were lightly injured and taken to the hospital, according to Magen David Adom, Israel’s emergency services.

Some context: Thousands of people gathered during anti-government protests on Azza Street in Jerusalem.

Some attempted to break through police barriers from the legally designated protest area around the Israeli Knesset to attempt to get close to the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, police said.

Since October 7, many anti-government protests have taken place as Israelis have called for the Netanyahu government to finalize a deal that would allow for the return of all hostages being held in Gaza and for early elections to be held in Israel. 

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