Aswan Open Water Swimming Championship returns after 40-year-hiatus

After a 40-year hiatus since the last swimming championship in the Nile, the “Aswan Open Water Swimming Championship” has returned to Egypt at the tourist walkway in the New Aswan City Corniche.

A total of 120 male and female swimmers – including the Egyptian national long swimming team, and representatives of a number of sports clubs in Upper Egypt governorates – took part in the race which extended for three kilometers in the Nile water.

Aswan Governor Ashraf Attia welcomed the holding of this important tournament in Aswan, praising the location of the tournament for its distinctive charm.

The tournament will help in discovering new talent, which contributes to the advancement of team and individual games, he said.

Attia stressed he was eager to support the organization of the race as well to promote tourism to Aswan.

The “Aswan Open Water Swimming Championship” is held under the auspices of Aswan governor and the supervision and organization of the Egyptian Swimming Federation in coordination with Aswan University’s Faculty of Physical Education, and the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Aswan.

Participants are in the age group of 14 years old and older.

The Egyptian Swimming Federation will organize a ceremony in the evening at the Roman Theater, New Aswan City, to honor the champions of the tournament.

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