Aswan considers establishing 4 new woodland forests

Aswan Governor Ashraf Attia stressed the importance of utilizing treated sewage water to expand the cultivation of woodland forests. This will be done by offering them for investment in parallel with new projects by establishing, replacing and renewing sewage plants with a triple treatment system.

This came during a meeting to follow up the on the woodland forest projects in the governorate, in the presence of Ahmed Shaaban, Deputy Governor, officials of the National Authority For Potable Water and Sewage.

Also present were the Aswan, Abu Simbel directors of agriculture and investment departments.

Attia stressed that after the completion of the surveys and soil studies, four projects to expand the cultivation of woodland forests will be included in the governorate’s investment map.

The project will reach over 1,000 acres within the sewage system in Abu Simbel with a capacity of 6,000 m3/day.

He pointed out that 357 acres of forests are added to this for the sanitation project in the villages of Wadi Karkar with a capacity of 3500 m3/day, in addition to 30 acres of tree forest for the sanitation project in the village of Al-Aaqab with a capacity of 500 m3/ day.

In addition to 2,000 acres of the sewage project at station 40 in al-Alaqi with a capacity of 75000 m3/ day.


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