Asia 1 convoy arrives in Gaza

The Asia 1 convoy began to arrive in Gaza on Sunday via the Rafah road crossing.

The convoy is being led by four buses carrying 108 Asian activists from different Asian countries, Palestinian sources said.

Members were received by Ahmed Youssef, head of the Hamas government's committee for breaking the blockade, along with officials from Hamas and other official figures and citizens.

The remainder of  the aid convoy–which consists of four ambulances and eight trucks carrying 1000 tons of medical supplies, clothing and milk for infants as well supplies for people with special needs–is expected to enter Gaza on Monday.

Exceptionally, Egyptian authorities opened the borders to allow members of the convoy to pass into Gaza.

Asia 1 left India on 2 December but was denied passage through Pakistan. The convoy changed route and went through Iran, Turkey and Syria, finally arriving in the city of Arish in North Sinai.

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