Arrest warrants issued against 5 new suspects in Botroseya bombing

The Supreme State Security Prosecution issued an arrest warrant against 5 new suspects in last Sunday's Botroseya bombing where 25 people were killed and 48 others were injured.

According to investigations, the main suspect is a suicide bomber called Mahmoud Shafiq Mostafa.

Four arrested suspects were detained 15 days pending investigation into the incident so far. They have been accused of joining a terrorist organization, possessing explosives, and disturbing public peace.

The prosecutor ordered the handover of the suicide bomber's body to his family after autopsy. Explosive materials collected from the scene of the bombing were dispatched to the criminal laboratory for examination.

A judicial source said the prosecution ordered investigations on whether the suspects received foreign funding in their bank accounts.

According to investigations, the four suspects confessed to the formation of a terrorist cell targeting Copts and security forces, in addition to promoting extremist ideology on social media.

They also confessed to providing logistical support to the cell members and residence.

They said that the Botroseya blast was the first operation they contributed to.

Suspect Ramy Mohamed Abdel Hamid confessed to hosting suicide bomber Mostafa, and preparing the explosives used to commit the crime upon an order from the fugitive main suspect and cell leader Mohab Mostafa al-Sayyed Qassem.

The second suspect Mohamed Hamdy Abdel Hamid Abdel Ghany, a hairdresser, said he provided safe places for the cell to convene.

Suspect Mohsen Mostafa Qassem, who is brother of the cell's leader, used to transfer orders from his brother to the rest of the cell members.

Suspect Ola Hussein Mohamed meanwhile said her role was limited to promoting extremist ideas on social media.

According to the National Security Agency investigations, the cell's leader escaped to Qatar in 2015 where he was prepared to lead  the cell. He returned to Egypt and moved to North Sinai where he was trained to use weapons and manufacture explosives.

According to investigations also, the suicide bomber Mostafa was arrested in pro-Muslim Brotherhood protests over the use of weapons to secure protests. He was released by court later for insufficient evidence.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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