Army says it will not allow more labor protests

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said on Friday that it will not allow any more professional strikes or protests to be staged because of the negative impact they have on the national economy.

A military source issued a statement saying that the protests of those who place a high value on their professional demands are halting production, which puts the country in a critical economic condition. It said that some elements are preventing state employees from doing their jobs, which hampers their work, suspends production and doubles losses.

It also said that some people have seized state-owned and fallow agricultural land and built on it.

Saying that a continuation of this state of instability will eventually harm Egypt's national security, the Supreme Council called for an end to strikes across the nation.

It said, first, that the Supreme Council fully understands the demands of some of the strikers and promised that the relevant state authorities will examine them in order to satisfy them at the appropriate time.

Secondly, it said honest Egyptian citizens should demonstrate a sense of responsibility towards their homeland by standing up to any irresponsible elements.

Finally, it said that the Supreme Council will not allow these illegitimate practices to continue due to the grave danger they pose to the country. These practices will be addressed and legal action taken to protect Egypt and its citizens.

Strikes have erupted in across the country, including both the private and public sectors as well as various industries. Some critics have stressed the importance of perpetuating labor strikes to make sure the army acts upon the demands of people following the 25 January revolution.

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