Army declines to announce its tally of Maspero casualties

The number of casualties suffered by the Egyptian army while clashing with demonstrators on Sunday remains unknown. The fighting took place before the state television building in Maspero

While the Health Ministry announced that there were 24 deaths without specifying the number of civilians among them, the Egyptian Church said it held prayers for 17 Coptic Christians who were killed in the violence.

However, a source speaking on condition of anonymity said the armed forces has so far declined to announce the tally of army casualties, adding that 311 were wounded in total, including civilians and military personnel.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces mentioned that it has formed a fact-finding committee. It expressed condolences for the deceased and hope for the wounded. It warned against attempts to incite discord between the army and the people.

The Foreign Ministry is exerting diplomatic effort to prevent attempts by Western countries to condemn the incident or adopt measures against Egypt, such as sending a fact-finding committee for investigation.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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