Armed Forces tighten security at Aswan High Dam

Security was beefed up at the Aswan High Dam on Monday to protect construction work, as protests continue in Cairo and several governorates between police and protesters against President Mohamed Morsy.

A source at the dam's managing authority told Anadolu news agency that the facility is now fully under the control of the Armed Forces.

"Over the past two years, during which the country witnessed instances of chaos and security voids, the High Dam has not been affected at all, and it is impossible it would be affected by the current situation as it enjoys permanent security measures against sabotage or robbery,” the source told the news agency.

Another military source told Anadolu that the security process involves thorough checks and periodic patrols an area within a five kilometer radius around the dam. The source added that monitoring cameras and alert systems would reveal any attempted infiltration.

The military source, who asked not to be named given the sensitivity of his position, said specialized technology developed by the Armed Forces last year has been adopted for the High Dam's security.

The High Dam, constructed on the Nile River in Aswan and officially inaugurated in 1971, was Egypt’s biggest construction project at the time and remains a major electricity source for the country.

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