Armed Forces marks 100 days since the start of the revolution

With the 47th message on its official Facebook page, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) marked 100 days since the start of the 25 January revolution, while warning of foreign attempts to damage Egyptians' unity.

A military source said the message demonstrates that since the beginning the military has been on the side of the people, whose demands it sees as legitimate.

The SCAF is calling for the establishment of a civil state, as opposed to a religious or a military state, the source added.

The message, which was "liked" by around 2000 people within a few minutes of its posting, listed certain principles upheld by the SCAF since the start of the revolution.

First, it has been on the side of the revolutionaries from the beginning.

Second, it will protect the revolution until a smooth and safe transition of power is achieved.

Third, it will support democracy until it bears fruit in the near future with the establishment of a strong civil state that suits the history and civilization of Egypt.

Fourth, it will work on protecting the stability of the country and restoring production to ensure the re-strengthening of the economy so Egyptians can lead a decent life.

Fifth, it will protect the national fabric against foreign attempts to break the unity of Egyptians.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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