Armed Forces committee calls for immediate end to Tahrir sit-in

An Armed Forces committee at the National Accord Conference Tuesday called for an immediate end to an ongoing Tahrir sit-in to protect the national economy, particularly with the stock market’s benchmark index losing points on an almost daily basis.

The committee said there are those who benefit from the continuation of the sit-in and support them with money and food. The committee said Tahrir has become a favorite place for some thugs who get benefits out of their stay in the square.

The committee also called for the realization of revolution goals including prosecuting the icons of the Mubarak regime and purging state institutions of its remnants.

It also said people should extend a helping hand to the new government to achieve stability, especially since several of the protesters in Tahrir are thugs who are harming the causes of the popular revolution that won the admiration of the world, according to the committee.

Translated from the Arabic Edition


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