April 6 Youth Movement protests for release of its members

The April 6 Youth Movement-Democratic Front staged a sit-in outside the Shura Council main gate to demand the release of the movement’s members in custody.

In a statement Sunday evening, the movement said the sit-in would continue until members Mohamed Mostafa, Zizou Abdo and Mamdouh Abu Adam, whom authorities arrested on the fifth anniversary of the movement’s founding, are released.

The North Cairo Court accepted Wednesday an appeal submitted by members arrested during clashes outside the High Court on the anniversary of the movement’s founding. Members in their appeal requested the cancellation of their 15-day detention pending investigation.

The April 6 movement’s statement said Ahmed Maher, the group’s general coordinator, would join the sit-in, as well as members of the group’s political and administrative bureaus.

Thirty movement members declared a hunger strike Thursday evening to protest the detention of three of their fellow members, who have been detained since the end of March.

This month, the movement had organized a “Day of Anger” against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood to commemorate five years since it began as a protest movement against former President Hosni Mubarak’s rule.

Marches took off from different spots in Cairo and the Delta.

Violence erupted Saturday afternoon at the protests in downtown Cairo, as clashes broke out between demonstrators and police forces, witnesses reported.

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