April 6 tours Egypt in preparation for revolution anniversary

The April 6 Youth Movement Ahmed Maher Front has launched a nationwide campaign to issue specific unified revolutionary demands and coordinate popular action on the first anniversary of the 25 January revolution.

April 6 media spokesperson Mahmoud Afifi told state news agency MENA that members of the movement’s political office have visited several governorates, including South Sinai, Suez, Port Said and Damietta, where they met community leaders and representatives of revolutionary coalitions and movements to coordinate activities.

He added that the celebration will include protests in public squares to call for a speedy handover of power to civilians and to explain the movement’s campaigns, particularly that titled “Preserve the Egyptian Army.”

Afifi added that the members of the movement in Suez will organize a mass march on Arbaeen Square. Whether to continue or end the protest will depend on the decision of Tahrir protesters in this regard.

He also said that graffiti has been drawn on the walls in Port Said and Damietta to urge citizens to join the activities scheduled for 25 January.

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