April 6 students protest against Cairo University housing timeline

The students of April 6 Youth Movement at Cairo University declared their rejection of the timetable announced by the university to accommodate students in university dorms.
They said that the timeline provides rooms three weeks later, after the beginning of the school year, to female students whose grades were rated “good” in the previous year, and a whole month later for male students with the same grades.
As for students who had acquired grades estimated as “average” they would be provided with housing 36 days after the beginning of school year.
The April 6 students called in a statement on Saturday, all the university students to participate in a sit-in within campus until all students are provided with housing by 5 October.
“The University administration’s justifications [for the delay] are not convincing.” A statement by April 6 students said. “We are warning that the reason for this procrastination in providing housing for students is listing students who have a political orientation, so that they won’t be provided housing.”
Edited translation from al-Masry al-Youm

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