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Applications on smartphones to encourage losing weight

With the ushering in of a new year, many people resolve to lose weight, but unfortunately many of those who embark on a diet do not finish it. People in this case need encouragement and help in order to continue life change.
Following a diet can now be a little easier following the emergence of applications available for smartphones such as the iPhone and Android which help to lose weight, whether through exercise videos or healthy food recipes, or by identifying the ideal weight for the user.
If you find it difficult to lose weight, and do not have enough time to follow up with a doctor or to go to the gym, your smartphone can help you through certain applications that pushes you to achieve your goal and reach the ideal weight.
Al-Masry Al-Youm has listed 10 different applications.
Calorie Tracker
A free application to follow up the calories one loses or gains daily through fat, carbohydrates or protein. It includes 450,000 food dishes and contains a variety of exercises to burn calories.
Ideal weight
It helps users to identify their ideal weight by entering one's height and current weight. The application provides all necessary information for weight loss.
CSPI Chemical Cuisine Nike Training Club  
The application is like a free personal trainer. It includes excercises that take between 30 to 45 minutes to activate the heart and strengthen the muscles. It also includes educational videos for each exercise and a sound program that teaches aerobics steps.
The app can play music on the phone to keep the user pumped up during the exercises. It can also be connected to Facebook so friends can see the progress of the user.
One of the most important features of this application is that the more advanced one is, the more new workouts recommended by celebrity coaches and international athletes will be available to the user.
Locavore is a free application that tells one all kinds of vegetables and fruit in the off-season and how many days are left to take advantage of them. This app can also use the GPS feature on the phone to find the nearest stores where vegetables and local fruits are available in the off-season. It will help those with a distaste for vegetables to discover how they can enjoy and benefit from fresh produce.
Eat This, Not That!
The application serves as a game to help people lose weight, and allows them to choose between the most beneficial food to one's health. It identifies healthy dishes that do not contain high calories.
Weight watcher
One receives through the application the latest recipes, news and exercises for weight loss.
7-minute workout
It includes excercises one can do for seven minutes daily.
Noom Weight Loss
The application helps one to determine their goal and tracks how well they work on achieving it. It records the quantities one eats daily compared to their activity.
Daily Workouts
This application provides workouts with a variety of videos that will instruct them how to perform certain exercises to lose weight, including exercises for different areas of the body like the stomach, buttocks and legs.
This application helps the user know the amount of calories and the components of the foods one eats. It has a camera to shoot the cover of any food and the application will read the ingredients and tell whether it is appropriate to maintain the diet or not.

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