Appeals court to consider lawsuit challenging Brotherhood

The Urgent Matters Appeals Court decided on Wednesday to set 6 November to consider a challenge filed by the Muslim Brotherhood against a ruling that banned the Brotherhood association and group and confiscated the Brotherhood’s funds.
The Cairo Urgent Matters Court had banned all the activities of the Brotherhood association and group along with any other institutions under the umbrella organization who are either affiliated with it, receive funding from it or were established by its money.
The ruling had also banned all institutions that receive any kind of support from the Brotherhood as well as fund-raising associations among whose members are Brotherhood figures. In addition to confiscating the Brotherhood's liquid money, authorities also seized real estate and mobile assets, be they rented or owned by the group, as well as those owned by its members.
The court also ordered the formation of an independent committee to manage the funds, real estate and mobile assets that were confiscated until rulings are issued in the cases against the group and its members in which they face charges of undermining national security.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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