Appeal of seven members of ‘Judges for Egypt’ rejected, permanently dismissed from office

The Judicial Disciplinary Council has rejected an appeal submitted by seven members of the ‘Judges for Egypt’ Movement against dismissing them permanently from office for joining a movement that indulges in politics in violation of the Judicial Authority Law.

They are: Hazem Saleh, Mohamed Attallah, Mostafa Doweidar, Emad al-Bendary, Ayman Youssef, Ahmed Radwan and Emad Abu Hashem.
They all attended the previous session, except Abu Hashem who went to Turkey several months ago. 
Investigations revealed that certain judges of the movement attended the press conference that had announced the victory of deposed president Mohamed Morsy in the presidential elections, whereas the Presidential Election Committee is the only body that is officially, constitutionally and legally entitled to announce the result. 
Investigations also revealed that some of these judges held conferences to support the Constitutional Declaration that was issued by Mohamed Morsy on 21 November 2012, immunizing his decisions against judicial control, which was considered an aggression on the judiciary. 
The council had in January dismissed some of these judges for appearing on the stage of Rabaa al-Adawiya Square during the sit-in that supported Morsy.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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