Antiquities Ministry seeks new location for Hurghada museum

Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim met with Red Sea Governor Ahmed Abdallah to discuss allocating an alternative land plot to build the Hurghada museum.
During his visit to Hurghada, Ibrahim said that the land originally chosen for the museum does such an important project.
Authorities are now studying the idea of allocating an alternative 7-acre land plot adjacent to the Olympic village in Hurghada to the project. 
They added that this would give the museum a location that complies with international standards, especially since it will exhibit nearly 5,000 rare artifacts.
Ibrahim said that the new site will help establish a number of related future projects, such as a visitor center, a cafeteria, education galleries, a bookshop and parking spots.
The minister also took part in the celebrations of the Red Sea governorate national day on Wednesday as it marks the 44th anniversary of the Shadwan battle."
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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