Another 1,000 churches

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly fulfilled a promise from President Sisi in adjusting the situations for Egypt’s churches.

During a meeting for the main committee of the legalization of churches, Madbouly legalized 127 new churches. This brings the total of legalized churches and affiliated buildings, in accordance with the law 80 for the year 2016 on the organization of the construction and restoration of churches, to 1,021 churches and affiliated building services.

I’ve written optimistically that the path of 1000 churches begins with a presidential step, and it’s finally happened.

Now we look forward to 2000 and 3000 more churches, so that no more are closed down before our Coptic brethren. They have the right to open all their churches, praying “Blessed be Egypt my people,” from Isaiah 19 for the good of the nation.

It’s clear that Prime Minister Madbouly is making the journey with national mettle and full faith in the right of our Coptic brothers in build their churches. By law, they will claim the rights we have given, being able to pray safe and secure in their churches, warmly welcomed by the nation.

The completion of the first 1000 churches is truly good news.

And it’s thanks to Madbouly, who finished the path determined by the President with political will and patriotism in establishing the rights of our Coptic brethren, who have long been deprived of being able to open their churches for inherited reasons, which are being treated properly by the law.

A thousand steps have been taken on the road ahead, and we hope more good fortune follows until the fulfillment of all legitimate demands of our Coptic siblings for their long-neglected rights.

I believe that this is a serious step forward on this thorny road, requiring a political will provided by the presidential decision and the courage of the government, demonstrated by the recent approvals reliving the nerves of our Christian fellows, tired of abhorrent terrorist incidents targeted against them in their own beloved homeland.

Putting hateful extremists to the side, what has been authorized and reconciled in the situations of churches during the last two years signals a positive turn of events which Copts and peaceful Muslims rejoice over.

This is the most courageous step in this thorny issue, and whoever is brave to approve legalizing these 1000 churches, is able to open all these closed churches to our Coptic brothers: so let us rejoice and hope for better things.

What is currently taking place are serious measures that confirms the government’s keenness to reconcile all unregulated situations, respecting the provisions of the law and the constitution.

I hope for good before Christmas, to see successive decisions that open 1,000 more churches. By the end of this year, this issue should hopefully be completely settled. And the Prime Minister should continue presiding over this issue to see it done well, submitting a report on accomplishing the full task to the President not later than that time, because our Coptic siblings deserve more from us.

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