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Ankara coordinates with Cairo and Tel Aviv to transport cancer patients to Egypt for treatment

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced the formation of a joint tripartite committee between Turkey, Egypt and Israel, to coordinate efforts to transport wounded and cancer patients from the Gaza Strip to Egypt.

Koca wrote on the “X” platform: “Yesterday we held an important meeting with the Egyptian Minister of Health regarding the treatment of children with cancer in Gaza, where cancer patients, especially children, who are being treated in the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital will be transferred from the Rafah border crossing to the Egyptian hospitals in Sheikh Zuwayed and Al-Arish.”

According to Koga, a specialized Turkish medical team in partnership with Egyptian doctors will supervise the examination and treatment of incoming cancer patients.

During the second phase of this coordination, certain cases of cancer patients will be sent for treatment in Turkey by plane.

In a bid to make this coordination successful, communication was made with the Israeli Minister of Health alongside the formation of the tripartite committee, he explained.

Thousands of sick and wounded people are planned to be moved from the Gaza Strip via Rafah.

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