Anis Mansour dies at 87

Egyptian author and columnist Anis Mansour passed away in the early hours of Friday morning at the age of 87. 

Mansour was transferred earlier this week to the intensive care unit in Safa Hospital in Mohandiseen after his health condition deteriorated. He was suffering from pneumonia.
Born in 1924, Mansour was one of Egypt's most prominent writers, enriching the Arabic library with his books and articles.
He wrote travel literature including "Around the World in 200 Days," "A Stranger in a Strange Land," "Yemen Is the Unknown," "You Are in Japan and Other Countries," and "Best Regards from Moscow."
"Around the World in 200 Days" is Mansour's most widely read Arabic work.
Mansour also wrote many dramas that were turned into television series over the past few years, including "Who Does Not Like Fatima?" "Fatima's Groom," "Angry Men and Angry Women," and "She and Others."
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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