ANHRI condemns Al-Shorouk for censoring “anti-army” article

A human rights group has condemned a decision by independent daily Al-Shorouk to censor an article deemend critical of the Egyptian army.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) has expressed disappointment after an article by columnist Wael Qandil was cut on Thursday.

Qandil's Wednesday column, entitled "The Egyptian Holocaust," criticised the army for claiming to remove President Mohamed Morsy to curb further bloodshed in Egypt, but appeared unable to halt the violence that followed the 3 July coup.

Al-Shorouk placed an apology note in the place of Qandil's usual column. “Wael Qandil apologizes for not writing his article today, and he will continue tomorrow," it said.

ANHRI said it had contacted Qandil, who assured the rights group his article had been banned from publication by the newspaper.

Qandil claimed Al-Shorouk did not provide any further details.

“It is unfortunate for media organizations to censor its journalists, whether because of pressure they are facing or because articles do not conform with their editorial line,” ANHRI said in a Thursday statement.

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