Angry Nubians set fire to Aswan Governorate building

Dozens of Nubian protesters set fire to the headquarters of the Aswan Governorate on Sunday, blocking traffic and destroying the office of Governor Mostafa al-Sayyed, who they accused of ignoring their demands for relocation to traditional land near Lake Nasser.

The protests were a sign of frustration from Nubians who have been demanding a cabinet decree authorizing their relocation to traditional land around Lake Nasser, which they were forced to evacuate during the construction of Egypt's famous High Dam in the 1960s.

Nubian activists have also been calling for parliamentary representation through which they can discuss their various problems.

Protesters burned car tires on Sunday, and prevented fire engines from reaching the torched governorate headquarters. Military police evacuated the officers, but several employees suffered from smoke inhalation.

The protests coincided with a vigil on Sunday morning by fellow Nubians in front of the cabinet offices in Cairo.

The events come three days before a planned visit by interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to Aswan, scheduled for 7 September.

Earlier, Sayyed had announced that Sharaf was scheduled to meet with leaders from the Nubian community with a view to discussing their demands.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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