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Ancient Egyptian mummy undergoes CT scan in Italian hospital

Ancient Egypt meets modern medical technology after a mummy underwent a CT scan in an Italian hospital as part of a research project to reveal its secrets.

The mummy of Ankh Khonsu, an ancient Egyptian priest, has been moved from the Civic Archaeological Museum in Bergamo to Policlinico of Milan hospital where experts will shed light on his life and funerary traditions from 3,000 years ago.

“Mummies are practically a biological museum, they are like a time capsule,” said the director of the research project Sabina Mulgora,

Mulgora said the mummy’s name is engraved on the sarcophagus, meaning “God Khonsu is alive.”

Researchers believe that they can gather information about the life and death of the Egyptian priest and determine the types of materials used in his embalming.

Studying ancient diseases and injuries is important for modern medical research, Mulgora said.

“We can study cancer and atherosclerosis in the past, and this could be useful for modern research.”

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