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Ancient Egyptian antiquities to go for sale at Christie’s in New York on April

The Christie’s New York auction house is displaying a selection of antiques from across the ancient Mediterranean, including pieces from ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures, ranging from the third millennium BC to the third century AD, on April 9.

Topping the auction is the Egyptian Green Schist Votive Cubit Rod of Mery-Ptah, dating to circa 1330-1250 B.C., once in the collection of Édouard Louis Joseph, first Baron Empain (1852-1929).

“Also presented is a group of ancient and European engraved gems from the collection of Corinne Bronfman (1947-2022) of Washington, D.C,” the official website reads.

“This important selection of over 50 intaglios and cameos features rediscoveries of gems from the famed Arundel, Marlborough, Story-Maskelyne and Mertens-Schaaffhausen collections,” it added.

“Other highlights include a three-quarter life-sized Roman Marble Statue of a Goddess; a Roman Marble Altar; and a Roman Bronze Venus, formerly in the collection of Louis de Clercq (1836-1901),” the auction blurb concluded.


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