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Ancient cemetery containing unique coffins, papyri discovered south of Minya

A new archaeological discovery was made in the al-Ghuraifa area, south of Minya, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri announced on Sunday.

Waziri revealed that a cemetery about 3,700 years old had been discovered containing a sarcophagus from the New Kingdom belong to a “Lady Nani”, who worked as a chanter for the god Djehuty, in addition to thousands of amulets and small statues.

A coffin was also discovered dating to the Late Period for a female priestess called “Taji Ist,” the daughter of “Eritharu,” with an important title meaning “Great of the Five”, Waziri explained during his speech at a press conference held in the al-Ghuraifah area in Minya.

Colored canopic vessels were discovered for the first time related to the god Ptah Soker and the god Djehuty.

According to Waziri, the most unique aspect of the discovery by far are the complete papyri of the Book of the Dead discovered for the first time in the Ghuraifah area, measuring approximately 15 to 18 meters in excellent condition.

This valuable papyrus will be displayed in the Grand Egyptian Museum, he added.

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