An ad for a dress made of gold sparks controversy in Egypt

An advertisement for the sale of a “dress of gold” by a company specialized in selling jewelry in Egypt sparked widespread controversy on social networking websites.

The company said in an ad on its official Facebook page: “the gold dress, weights 9 kilograms, priced at LE 15.7million. Free delivery available, and a 10 percent discount for the first customer to order. ”

“It will be shown on Friday, at the Gold Festival in Zagazig,” it added.

The advertisement raised great anger and condemnation, as activists considered it a provocation to the current feelings of citizens.

This is of course in light of current economic crisis and rising prices.

As a result, the company commented on its post, denying that the dress was real, saying: “It was onky meant to be a joke and the situation turned into a serious angry reaction from the public”.

“But this does not rule out that the dress is a masterpiece.”

The advertisement was ruled to be just a joke for the company to attract more followers.

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