Amr Diab’s YouTube channel to return his songs after it was deleted

Egyptian star Amr Diab’s official YouTube channel is on its way back and his songs also after it was deleted, poet Khaled Tag Eddin said.

“Artist Amr Diab’s YouTube channel is in control, and the clips are all coming back again, a simple problem [happened] and it is currently being resolved,” Tag Eddin wrote on his official Facebook account.

Not only had the songs been deleted from his YouTube channel, but also music apps such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and iTunes.

The reason behind the disappearance of Diab’s latest albums was not revealed: but some social media users explained that it might be a step by Diab before creating a new digital platform that includes his artistic history.

Diab’s old albums in which he collaborated with “Mazzika”, “Alam Alfan” and “Delta Sound” music production companies have not been deleted and are still on the official channels of these companies.

As for Amr Diab’s official YouTube channel, which is followed by five million people which include songs and videos from his concerts, they will be reinstated. 

The albums that disappeared from YouTube were produced by Diab through his own company “Nay”. The deleted albums include “Ahla wa Ahla” (2016), “Maadi El Nas” (2017), “Kol Hayati” (2018), “Ana Ghair” (2019), “Sahran” (2020), and “Ya Ana Ya Laa” (2020).

Diab is preparing for a concert in Riyadh for Thursday, at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater. He published a picture of the concert poster on his Twitter account and commented: “Ready.”

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