Ammunition supply to Ukraine needs to speed up, top EU official says

Tim Lister

The flow of ammunition to Ukraine needs to increase “in the coming days,” the European Union’s foreign affairs chief, Josep Borrell, said Monday.

 “More than 1,000 missiles have been provided. The amount of ammunition is growing, and has to grow quicker in the coming days,” he said after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

Borrell said there needed to be a “just peace” in the conflict, but, until then, the EU would continue to support the defense of Ukraine. So far, the EU had provided about $14 billion in military support, and the EU was continuing to deliver on its promise of 1 million rounds of ammunition, he said.

A second tranche of $1 billion for purchases of ammunition from EU states was being finalized, he said. “There has been some disagreement, but the work continues. We are not waiting for the legal document to be finished to start working.”

 He also said the EU was reaching out to outside countries to reinforce the effect of international sanctions against Russia.

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