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Amira Adeeb to star in her first Hollywood movie, ‘No Nation’

Egyptian actress Amira Adeeb is preparing for her first international role in the Hollywood film “No Nation” by US director Jeffrey Elmont, who was previously nominated for the Emmy Award in 2017.

Filming is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles in 2024.

Adeeb began preparing for the character and training to play football for more than four months, as her role is that of a female football player.

The Egyptian actress expressed her joy at taking this next step in her career.

“I always strive to provide works that benefit society, whether in the content that I display on my social media pages or the artistic works that I present on screen, and when the American director Jeffrey Elmont spoke to me to participate in this film it made me very happy,” she said in a statement.

She added: “I immediately started preparing for this character, as over the past four months I learned to play football, where I present the character of a girl who has special skills, going through several circumstances that we will know through the events.”

Adeeb said that role came to her after Elmont was filming a documentary in Egypt and “He found out that I spoke Spanish, so he asked me to participate in the audition for the new film that he would begin filming. I entered the test and was assigned the role.”

Adeeb previously starred in “Meen Qal” (Who Said) shown in Ramadan 2022, which co-starred Ahmed Dash, Gamal Suleiman, and Nadine.

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