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Amina Khalil: New Fall Collection

Amina Khalil, the local fashion designer well-known for her designs made using khayameya (tent fabric), recently launched her fall/winter collection for 2010/2011. The collection is hip and portrays the usual unique touch of the young fashionista.

Amina relaunched her usual line of abayas, galabeyas and boyfriend shirts with a new twist. Her boyfriend shirts come in two lengths and some of them have Arish embroidery on the sleeves; they would go nicely with a pair of jeans or leggings.

The abayas now come in three lengths; Khalil has added a new maxi length style. They are single or double layered, some are belted and others have pockets.

Her vests have the same slick look but she has added kilim and macramé stitch in designs inspired by Fayoum. Her checkered heavy shirts are also part of the collection; they are perfect for a chilly day and look funky with a belt or a sweater.

Her signature piece, the patched jacket is also available this season but with a new twist. The hood is removable and it comes in two lengths. The V dresses are my favorite this season; they are comfortable but figure hugging and elegant.

There is also a wide range of galabeyas; some are frilled around the collar but the surprise this season is a range of pastel colors that is new to Khalil’s designs.

The accessories, scarves and belts are the same as the summer collection; in addition to the collection of sunglasses collection that she launched during the summer. “Baraka Optics approached me with the idea,” says the stylish designer. The optics store handles the manufacture of the glasses in Italy and Khalil provides the designs and the marketing theme; together they are the first Egyptian eye wear provider. Aviator and Ray Ban shapes are available in brown and black; there are more colorful options for the trendy clients. Prices range between LE625 and LE675.

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