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Amal Maher appears in video to reassure audience of her safety

Egyptian singer Amal Maher has reassured her fans after allegations of her disappearance and being subjected to torture.

Maher said in a video clip, on Wednesday: “My fans and my family, I am fine, thank God.”


“I wanted to reassure you about me. Sorry for the last period, I was not able to be with you. I had coronavirus, but, thank God, I recovered and I wanted to reassure you.”

“A thousand thanks. I am truly grateful to you for the love and fear that I saw abd felt. Praise be to God. This indicates that our Lord is satisfied with me. After I saw how great your love for me is, I thank you with all my heart, my Arab audience, and I would love to congratulate the Egyptian people on the occasion of the June 30 revolution…I am fine, thank God.. Wait for me soon.”

MP Amal Abdel Hamid, a member of the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, submitted a request for a briefing to Speaker Hanafy Gabaly.

This letter was directed to the Prime Minister to clarify the disappearance of singer Amal Maher, amid a wide demand from social media users to disclose of her fate.

Activists launched a hashtag demanding to reveal the fate of the singer, who had announced her sudden retirement a year ago, after her separation from her husband, to disappear after that completely out of sight.

Many rumors have spread about her disappearance due to mysterious circumstances

Her retirement from singing and public parties, and her severe suffering and fear.

The Syndicate of Musical Professions, which recently reassured the public in a statement, saying that it communicated with Maher’s family, who confirmed that she was fine.

Abdel Hamid called on Maher to come out to reassure her fans herself, and also demanded the concerned authorities to resolve the controversy raised.

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