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‘AlRawabi School for Girls’ returns to Netflix

Netflix announced that the “AlRawabi School for Girls” series will return, sharing a poster online with an interesting comment.

“This is the first surprise, and the best is coming tomorrow… AlRawabi School for Girls,” the caption reads, without revealing the details of whether the second season will be broadcast again, or if a third season has begun filming.

The author and director of the series, Tima Shomali, recently posted video clips on social media announcing the completion of filming the series, which took 60 filming days.

Shomali published a video on her Instagram account showcasing the behind the scenes of the new season.

Writing the script for the series took almost a year, in addition to six months of preparation and 60 days of filming,, she explained.

The video also showed the staff singing the school anthem to celebrate the completion of filming the second season.

The first season was shown in 190 countries and in more than 32 languages.

It was a great success locally and globally, as the audience were connected to the world of AlRawabi schoolgirls and its colorful characters.

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