All you need to know about ‘Blue Elephant’ drug, the hidden cause of death in recent suicides

DMT, a hallucinogenic drug that was behind the death of Jordanian actor Ashraf Talfah inside his apartment in a famous compound in the 6 of October City, Egypt, sparked a wave of controversy, especially as the drug, which is known as the “Blue Elephant” drug.


Unfortunately it has become one of the most effective synthetic drugs on abusers in recent years.

The “Blue Elephant” drug in Egypt

Egyptians’ knowledge of the Blue Elephant drug began specifically with the famous and one of the most profitable Egyptian films in the history of Egyptian cinema “The Blue Elephant” based on the novel of Egyptian writer Ahmed Murad.

The events of the film were based on its hero, actor Karim Abdel Aziz, who uses the “Blue Elephant” pill to discover in an interesting way the schemes of Satan, Nael, one of the main characters of the film.

After that, the drug started to get known in Egypt and was involved in many deaths.

The Blue Elephant pills contain “DMT”, or dimethyltryptamine, which is a white crystalline powder that can be used in several ways: smoking, swallowing, or injection, according to its scientific definition.

According to a recent scientific study, 70 percent of those taking the Blue Elephant pill committed suicide or even suffered from sudden death and serious health problems that almost killed them, while 25 percent of those who survived had some serious psychological and neurological diseases.

In 2019, the Egyptians’ fears turned from the small screen to reality, when news spread of a horrific incident where a pharmacist in the Nozha area killed her daughter by putting the “Blue Elephant” pill for her in a glass of juice. She reportedly killed her daughter because of boredom with her life in general.

How does the Blue Elephant affect the brain?

According to the National Poison Center in Egypt, the Blue Elephant drug causes both the body and the mind to give positive energy and abnormal physical strength to the abuser, and is similar to synthetic drugs such as “Voodoo” and Strox.”

The Blue Elephant pill causes the body to get out of the mind’s control over time, and then abusers lose control of themselves and tends to do unexpected actions that may push them to commit suicide or kill others.

The Blue Elephant pill is one of the new generation of narcotic pills, as it mainly belongs to synthetic drugs. It entered Egypt mainly after 2011, due to security looseness following the January 25 revolution.

According to medical interpretations, Blue Elephant drugs affect neurohormones and neurotransmitters, and its effect begins approximately 20 seconds after use and lasts for three hours. It causes severe auditory and visual hallucinations, and the person imagines being in other places sometimes.

Doctors have different opinions on the possibility of treatment from the side effects of the Blue Elephant, as it depends on the condition of the body and the functional state of the brain of the abuser, their age and the extent of the damage that occurred to brain cell damage.

While the prevailing opinion among doctors is that treatment from the side effects of the Blue Elephant is almost impossible, or continues to be treated with difficulty for years, especially in cases where abusers have been addicted to the pill for long periods.

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