All Egyptian pilgrims fine, in good health – Hajj mission chief

MAKKA, Saudi Arabia, June 16 (MENA) – The Assistant Minister of Interior for the Administrative Affair Sector, who is leading the Egyptian Hajj mission this year, said all Egyptian pilgrims are fine and in good health condition.

“The overall health of all Egyptian pilgrims remains satisfactory,” the mission chief told MENA in exclusive statements on Sunday.

“Members of the mission’s medical team, as well as the medical team of the Ministry of Interior’s Medical Services Sector accompanying the Hajj Lottery Mission, are currently present in the pilgrims’ camps in the Mina area to provide all aspects of healthcare to them during the ‘Tashreeq Days’, in coordination with the Saudi Ministry of Health,” he added.

Meanwhile, the pilgrims of the Hajj Lottery Mission continue to flock to the Jamarat Bridge in Mina to perform the Rami al-Aqaba Al-Kubra (the Grand Stoning) on the Day of Sacrifice, noted the mission chief.

He said the Hajj Lottery Mission supervisors will accompany them in groups starting tomorrow to complete the stoning of the Jamarat during the ‘Tashreeq Days’, which begin from the second day of Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice, observed from Sunday till the sunset of Wednesday. (MENA)


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