Aliens built the pyramids!


The pyramids still excite the imagination of people all over the world, and generate fans who obsess over them day after day!

Many, especially in the USA, believe there are space creatures who came from Mars and built the Pyramids. This is not scientific at all. The theories even feature in a show broadcast and produced by America’s History channel, titled “Ancient Aliens.”

Many citizens from the US and other countries send me emails (as anyone is able to through my website). They accuse me of blurring all the facts I discover which, in their point of view, show that the Egyptians are not the builders of the pyramids! They mistakenly believe that under the Sphinx are evidences of Atlantis! All these lies raise many false ideas about the pyramids, and the associated real facts and tales.

And I dig beneath the Sphinx not only to know the level of groundwater, but to prove the absence of any evidence for this drivel.

Unfortunately, some Egyptians also tout unfounded themes such as the “lie of the second Sphinx”, and other lies that distort the great ancient Egyptian civilization, at the hands of some of its sons who crave fame that is not based on hard work, science and diligence. God save Egypt and its great monuments from these reckless people!

A week ago, I made a phone-in with a foreign channel. I explained that unfortunately, the public everywhere knows nothing about the greatest archaeological discovery of the 21st century, which is the discovery of “Wadi al-Jarf” papyri near Suez.

It is the largest and oldest papyrus in the whole world, dating back to the reign of King Khufu, and the first known description of how Khufu’s pyramid was constructed. This papyrus was written in both hieroglyphic and hieratic scripts, and published upon translation. It is currently in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

In it, the inspector Merer transcribes the diary of his work in building the Great Pyramid. Merer was the head of 40 workers, who he led to the quarries of Tora.

By his description, Merer prepared a large boat to transport the stones through the Nile. He describes the transport method until the stones reach the construction area in Giza. He indicates that the weight of the stone reaches up to 2.5 tons each, and records that such stones, which were cut, were dragged to the boats.

Then he tells us about King Khufu, and that he was living in his palace in Giza – rather than living in Memphis, as some history books have claimed. Merer points out that he had a boss named Dede, and that the main person responsible for the entry of the stones and food items was Ankh-Haf.

The area around the pyramid was named “Ankh – Khufu” meaning “the life of King Khufu”, while burial areas were named “Akht Khufu”, meaning “horizon of Khufu”.

The work was recorded during the twenty-seventh year of the rule of King Khufu, which may indicate that Khufu has ruled for about 32 years.

That is what science tells us about the greatest building in Pharaonic Egypt, the Great Pyramid.

On the other hand, unfortunately, some speak strange words without any scientific evidence, such as that the pyramid was used to generate electricity! There are those who say that the king was storing wheat inside the pyramid for use in times of famine! These claims are invalid, because there is written evidence indicating that the pyramid was specifically made to bury the king, and make him into a god in the afterlife.

I would also say that the pyramid was Egypt’s national project, and that the pyramids have built Egypt.

Can anyone then say that there are space aliens that built the pyramids?!

I say to all those who are obsessed with the pyramids of Egypt, you have the right to be amazed and even impressed by our timeless pyramids, but we will not allow you to distort our monuments, which are our dearest possession. Stop this nonsense. God bless you!

Photo uploaded to Wikipedia by M1chu.

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