Alexandrians protest to demand end of transitional period

Hundreds of citizens in Alexandria protested after Friday prayers to demand a quick end to Egypt’s transitional period and transfer of power to a civilian authority.

Egypt’s flag could be seen being waved by many at the demonstration.

Protesters marched from Leader Ibrahim Mosque. A number of political forces were present including the April 6 Youth Movement, Kefaya and the Revolutionary Socialists, in addition to a number of other political forces and movements.

Some forces announced a sit-in in Smouha Square after failing to stage one over the last few days due to tear gas used by security forces to disperse dozens of demonstrators in front of the Alexandria Security Directorate.

Sheikh Ahmed Mahlawy, the imam of Leader Ibrahim Mosque, urged citizens to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections to choose the candidates who best represent them, noting that recent developments do not favor a continued transitional period.

Mahlawy added that the recent events taking place in Tahrir Square and Alexandria have resulted in clashes leaving many dead and wounded, and called on all political forces to cooperate to pass through this critical period.

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