Alexandria University explosion injures 10

Ten people were injured this morning at Alexandria University after an explosion in the cafeteria of the Faculty of Education building in the downtown district of el-Shatbi. The explosion was triggered by a leaking gas cylinder.

Atef Zaki, the Alexandria civil defense chief, received a report on the incident which said that a flame made contact with the leaking gas, causing an explosion that resulted in ten people receiving minor burns and another two suffering severe respiratory problems.

All of the casualties were cafeteria staff. No students were hurt and damage to the restaurant was limited.

A fire department team, led by Brigadier General Emad Kher, went to the scene of the accident to secure the area shortly after the explosion. Another team led by Mohamed Habka, head of Bab Sharqi prosecution office, also visited the site to conduct an investigation.

The Alexandria prosecutor’s office has formed a panel to assess the the scale of the damage. Forensic experts were dispatched to determine the cause of the leak.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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