Alexandria governor announces demolition of dangerous buildings

Dangerous old buildings in Alexandria will be demolished immediately, said the city's governor Adel Labib, who added that the implementation of restoration and other demolition decisions will follow.

During the governorate's local council meeting on Sunday, Labib said 1200 apartments have been allocated for those owning buildings that must be evacuated. An additional LE45 million has been put aside for the restoration of buildings overlooking the corniche.

Housing experts say collapsing buildings has become one of the city’s biggest problems.

A textile factory collapsed last month in Alexandria leaving 26 dead and dozens injured. Over the past few years a series of similar disasters has taken place, most famously the collapse of a building in the Louran area in December 2007 which left 36 dead and three injured. A collapse in 2008 in the Fleming district left 21 dead and eight injured.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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