Alexandria factory collapse death toll rises to 26

Twenty-six people are now confirmed dead after a garment factory in Alexandria collapsed four days ago. Civil defense teams on Wednesday extricated six corpses from the rubble.

The six-floor factory, located in Muharram Bey, east of Alexandria, collapsed on Sunday with roughly 50 workers inside. The accident coincided with rainstorms and raging winds that have recently battered Egypt’s northern coasts.

A security source said the victims’ bodies were taken to a morgue in the Alexandrian district of Kum al-Dekka on Wednesday in order to identify the deceased workers.

The same sources said there is no hope of saving more lives, considering the amount of time that has elapsed since the incident. 

Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud inspected the scene of the incident on Tuesday, and ordered prosecutors to step up investigations and refer those with suspected responsibility to trial.

One of the factory owners has already been arrested, while another is currently hospitalized. Both face police investigations.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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