Alexandria church leaders threaten protests over ‘slow’ investigations

The Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria threatened protests in response to what it described as the slow pace of investigations into the church bombing that took place during Coptic Christmas celebrations this year.

The church said concerned authorities “ignored several reports and memorandums it sent to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, attorney general and interior minister.”
Families of the victims threatened to stage an open-ended sit-in to call for faster investigations and trials.
More than 20 were killed and dozens hurt in the suspected suicide attack, which happened during a New Year's Eve service at the Two Saints Church.
Joseph Malak, a lawyer for the Two Saints Church and the Coptic Orthodox Church, said the decision to act came as a result of the slow pace of investigations and warned of the anger of church youth.
The General Congregation Council and the Egyptian Center for Development and Human Rights studies issued a joint statement to call on Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, Interior Minister Mansour al-Essawy and Minister of Justice Mohamed Abdel Aziz al-Guindi to find the perpetrators and publicly try them, adding that seven months have already passed since the attack.
Nader Morqous, a member of the General Congregation Council in Alexandria, said Pope Shenouda III has urged church leaders to follow up on the case until the perpetrators of the attacks are brought to trial and punished.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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