Al-Sisi: Only air and naval forces took part in strikes against Yemen

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Friday that Egypt's participation in the Saudi-led strikes conducted against Shia Houthi rebels in the restive country of Yemen has thus far been limited to sending air force and naval force.

The president paid the military academy a surprise visit on Friday, alongside Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi and a group of military leaders.

Sisi stressed that should the state send any other forces, it will be made public.

"I do not take decisions individually," Sisi said. "All my decisions are in the nation and its security's best interest."

Spokesman Mohamed Samir had denied in a statement on Tuesday the death or injury of any members of the Egyptian military during their participation in the Saudi-led operation. He said his statement comes in response to "information exchanged on social media."

Sisi stressed Egypt would like to see a political solution to the Yemeni crisis.

The Saudi-led coalition launched military operations against the Houthis in Yemen on March 26, after the Houthi rebel movement made advances onto the Yemeni south.

Saudi Arabia says military operations by the coalition are in response to an appeal from Yemeni President President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Sisi's visit to the academy shortly followed a militant attack which targeted a military students' bus in the governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh on Wednesday, killing two students and injuring three others.

The president offered his condolences to the students killed, adding that "the despicable terrorist operations have not and will not get at the [military] men's will."

Bombings and shootings targeting security forces have surged since the military ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Mursi in July 2013, following mass protests against his rule.

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