Al Shorouk, Penguin Group to launch joint publishing project

Egyptian publishing house Dar Al Shorouk together with UK publisher the Penguin Group will launch a major joint project on Wednesday aimed at translating Penguin Classics–which include old and contemporary literary classics from around the world–into the Arabic language.

The project, which represents the first of its kind in the Middle East, will offer readers of Arabic the opportunity to read some of the most important literary productions from countries around the world.

Penguin–which has similar projects with local publishers in China, Korea and Brazil–is one of the world's most prestigious publishing houses, putting out some 4000 publications every year. Through its branches in 15 countries, Penguin's stated aim is to develop the publishing industry in terms of both content and form.

Penguin Classics was first launched in 1946 and has since published 1200 prominent literary classics, many of which have also been translated into different languages.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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