Al-Nadeem center says its activists face intimidation campaign

Al-Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence said many of its female activists have received obscene messages and threats in the past weeks through various means of communication, whether on the center’s hotline, email or personal and official Facebook accounts.

The center said in a statement Sunday that the last message was a sexual video sent from the address of a woman named Riham to one of the center’s colleagues. The message included a threat to the Nadeem activist to expose her, even though she had no relation to the woman who appeared in the video.

The center said it is taking all steps to identify the source of the message and its center to take the necessary legal measures.

It stressed that these threats would not frighten the center’s activists, and would not make them hesitate to continue their struggle against all forms of violence and torture, and their solidarity with those exposed and subjected to it — whether men or women — and fight against any authority exercising this violence, no matter its strength.

Al-Nadeem center is a human rights group established two decades ago. It was at the forefront of human rights organizations that have worked to expose police violence during ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s era.

The center has recently been active in fighting acts of sexualized violence against female protesters in Tahrir Square.

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